Mental effect caused by lack of rest among South Korean factory workers.



Mental effect caused by lack of rest among workers in a work place: South Korea


Rest is to stop work or movement in order to relax oneself or recover strength, mental and emotional tranquility. Rest is an important Aspect of life, it helps our muscles, bones and helps strengthen the immune system. Reduces stress, depression and it helps us form strong memories, it helps to strengthen the brain and makes your body more healthier. Some factory workers in South Korea are not provided with enough rest, this makes many of them stressed and paranoid during working hours. Rest will not only improve on the physical and mental being of the workers but equally improve the quality of production.


1:The information collected was among South Korean factory workers specifically in a delivery factory

2:The rough data collected was among 200 female and 400 male delivery factor workers in South Korea Many workers due to lack of rest suffer from stress, depression and lack of sleep . Many workers dependent on depressant drugs to reduce stress.